The “Snappening” Should Serve as a Huge Wake-Up Call October 14 2014

The recent hacking of Snapchat dubbed the “Snappening” should serve as a huge wake-up call that we need to protect our images whether we’re sharing them in what we think is a safe environment or preventing hacking or even spying!  For everyone that thinks the internet is a safe place this is an important reminder that unfortunately there are a lot of bad people out there and we need to protect ourselves. 

In the case of this particular hack, Snapchat -- which reports having 100 million monthly active users -- said that it was not the source of the breach and that its servers were never hacked.  Instead, Snapchat blamed the leak on unnamed third-party apps used to send and receive messages, or Snaps, a practice that Snapchat’s terms of use prohibit.  They can blame third parties, they can be responsible and take the blame themselves; regardless, its “Snappening” and many people will be hurt.

 A Fox News article that was posted about the Snappening here: suggests that many of Snapchat’s users may have been lulled into a false sense of security, “believing the marketing propaganda that suggests images will be safely erased forever within ten seconds.”

 Laptops and phones have cameras and while they offer tremendous utility and fun, they also make us vulnerable.  They make us vulnerable to hackers and sometimes even ourselves.  We voluntarily share images – some of which we shouldn’t – and we are lulled into a false sense of security that we’re protected by anti-virus software and the very companies we do business with. 

No Spy Sticker’s helps in both cases.  By putting a No Spy Sticker over the camera on your laptop it gives you the ultimate control over your images – you KNOW that when the sticker is there you are safe.  And you decide when to move it aside and share.   

There are bad people out there!  Use NoSpySticker’s and be safe!  Get them for your friends and family and especially your teenage kids!