What is a No Spy Sticker?
No Spy Stickers are webcam covers made to work with laptops, cellphones, tablets or any other internet connected webcam device.  They provide a physical protection against webcam hackers.  They are designed to be easily applied, removed and reapplied so you can uncover to use your webcam and then re-cover to enjoy the protection they provide.
How much does it cost?
No Spy Stickers come on sheets of 15 or 21 stickers depending on the shape and cost $10 per sheet.  We also offer custom printing services and bulk pricing for corporate gifts and promotional items.
What is the sticker made of?
No Spy Stickers are made from white or clear 4 mil vinyl material with low tack adhesive.  They sport a specially formulated very light adhesive; one that leaves absolutely no residue when the sticker is removed.   
Will it damage my camera or computer?
No.  No Spy Stickers are safe for all laptops, cellphones and webcams.  They stick on and peel off leaving no residue.
Why shouldn't I just use a Post-It or tape or another sticker?
Post-Its, tape or other stickers can stick too much or too little and leave sticky residue on your webcam and device.  They also get dirty, grungy, can fall off and aren't any fun.
How big are they?
No Spy Stickers come in two primary shapes; 3/4”x1 1/2” rectangles and 3/4” circles.  We also offer custom shapes and printing services for corporate gifts and promotional items.   
How long do they last?
No Spy Stickers are durable and designed to be used over and over and over again.